Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 1 - phone case

Okay, technically this is day 2.  We received the Cube Pro Duo yesterday, unpacked it, and set it on the cart.  I went through the activation steps.. but the site said invalid serial number.  I was reasonably sure it hadn't 'fallen off a truck', so I contacted support, who activated the warranty for me the following morning.  Today.

Cartridge install, take one. 

Attempted to push the filament through the tubes with some success, but the motors were not grabbing the thread.   Turns out I had not cur the end at a sharp enough angle.  Once I did that, I was able to push it through enough for it to catch, and out came the stringy stuff.

Test project

I didn't have an immediate work-related project, so I wanted to do something somewhat simple, to make sure the Cube worked, and have something useful.  So I decided to print a new case for my Galaxy Note 2.  These really aren't made any more, so this created opportunity!  I installed the Mac version of the Cube program, then went to the Thingiverse to see if I could find a model.  I did, and downloaded the model.  It came in 4 different thicknesses, so I opted for the 2mm version for the first try.  I imported the file into the Cube program, and flipped over the model so it would not have to print in midair.  I exported the Cube file to the USB drive, and inserted it into the Cube.


There is a slight odor,  not terribly unpleasant.  Hard to describe, but a light plasticy-type smell.  It's about as loud as a typical inject computer, although a bit louder at times.  The estimated time to print is 2 hours.  Hopefully it won't be too much of a disturbance today, but it may be good to let others know next time in case anyone wanted to do any quick audio recording.

Cube at work

One more hour

25 minutes left

2 hours, 12 minutes total
It fits!  Mostly.  Did not like the last few layers where it overhangs at the top a bit - I did not choose to include support materials, so it may have needed them after all.  

The hole for the camera and light match okay, though rough.  And after I snipped away some of the loose material, it still holds the phone fairly well, but loosely.

I'll sand it a bit and make it look cleaner - I think it picked up some of the glue used on the plate, making it look dirty.

So a number of things to do differently next time, but proof that the machine works as advertised?  

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