Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sending up the bat signal

Wanted to take a short break and so this turned out to be about a 30 minute project (30 minutes to draw, 30 minutes to print).  Someone wanted a bat-keychain, and a simple one.  A million models of this kind of thing exists... but I decided to try to draw it form scratch.

I found an appropriate bat-logo design image, and imported it into Sketchup.  I ended up having to install the bezier curve extension to get the right bat curves, and also the STL extension so that I could export the finished model for use in the 3d printer.  I was stymied for a moment on how to make the ending shape a face, but just drawing one line on top of it make Sketchup recognize the face.

I also drew it too large, and by accident, found out how to resize the whole model so that it was 4 inches wide total.

4 inches turns out to be too big.  He will want the finished project half this size.

Printing was interesting - I printed it at the lowest resolution and least filled (Draft version), and I'm happy with it.  it is filled with a wide crosshatching, and the first 2 solid layers over that drooped naturally.

I'm going to keep this as a scroll saw template project.  But this now makes me curious about very tiny prints....

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