Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nameplate redux

The first re-try of the nameplate through a filament error about 85-90% in.  So I took it as a sign to re-design.  After redesign, I printed at low resolution, which did not take with the lower text at all.  The last/bottom on is the final version.

There is a ghost of text and some pooling around the bottom text.  I need to check out the model to see where that ghost text is coming from, and how I can clean up the pooling.

Otherwise, a decent nameplate I think.  And I think I get printing in 2 colors.  Now on to some more complex shapes i think....

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Nameplate trial 1

This is the first trial print of a name plate for my desk.  Drawin in Sketchup, I originally planned to use this project to figure out how to print with both colors, as it's advertised to be abel to so.  Haven't found that part yet...

The glue on the glass must have dried too quickly, because the larger print here started shifting, and lifted from the plate, ruining the build.

Still, I used it to verify that is does fir into the nameplate holder like a glove, although it needs to be a bit longer.  So I can revise, and keep trying to hunt down the 2 color mode.